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Grandmaster Chong Su Kim was born in Song Tan, Korea, and immigrated to the US in 1977 when he made York, PA, his second home. He received his US citizenship in 1982 and is now becoming widely recognized as a dedicated and strong community-minded citizen. Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has traveled all over the world in order to help needy people and promote the benefits of Tang Soo Do for everyone. ​He appeared on the cover of Tae Kwon Do Times in 1991, in Dojang Magazine in 1994, and the cover of Combat Magazine (U.K.) in 1995.In 1997 he was in the Martial Arts Gallery of Fame with movie star Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Lee, and in 1998 appeared on The Nite with The Stars at CBS with Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Ernie Reyes Jr. and Sr., In 1991 he was with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Battle of Columbus, in Ohio. Grandmaster Kim is also very civic-minded. He was the President of the Korean Association of York, PA in 1999 and Vice-President of the Central PA Korean Association in 2001. He has helped organizations raise hundreds of thousand, in the past years, his own organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities. ​Internationally well known and respected as a champion, talented teacher, and a deep philosopher, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim is an incarnation of Martial Arts excellence.

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim


The Federation was founded by Grand Master Chong Su Kim in 1986 in York, Pennsylvania. While Grand Master Kim travelled all over the world promoting Tang Soo Do, he pondered the meaning on Tang Soo Do, the purpose of Tang Soo Do. He decided to create the new Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation for unity, All the members of this Federation will be treated equally, with respect, honesty, loyalty, and courtesy. The most important part of our Federation is that all will receive direct guidance form Grand Master Chong Su Kim. No matter what question you might have, Grand Master Kim and the Federation are here to help you and to promote the one of a kind Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation.

As a child, I wanted to learn martial arts for confidence, increased strength and coordination, and to find an activity that I could be great at. I began Tang Soo Do training at the age of 8, with my family.  When I received black belt, I helped teach the grasshoppers class (a class for 5-7 year olds), self-defense classes for teenagers and women, and I could then instruct portions of adult classes. I became a junior instructor at age 13, and then my dad and I would teach class together.

I continued to teach classes at Kim's Karate Shrewsbury until I graduated from Kennard-Dale High School in 2002. I attended Pennsylvania College of Technology to become a Physical Fitness Specialist. During college I returned home on weekends to teach at my home Dojang and I also attended a Federation school in a neighboring town from my college.

After graduation in 2005, I buckled down for my 4th Dan Master Instructor Test. In 2006, I started Maryland Tang Soo Do at the fitness center where I was working, classes grew and I was then able to start looking for a location where Maryland Tang Soo Do could make roots. In 2011, Maryland Tang Soo Do moved to it's current location, 11020 Liberty Rd, Randallstown.
Along the way Grandmaster Kim, Sr Master Matthew Kim and Sr Master Anthony Kim supported me and encouraged my growth as an instructor. My family gave me everything I needed to succeed. And the students of Maryland Tang Soo Do inspire me to be the best teacher that I can be. Thank you all, for helping me live my dream of teaching what I love to others.

Private Lessons Available

Senior Master Daniel Hyson 

June 1992 (Age 8)Began Training: Shrewsbury Kim's Karate 
October 1995- Received Cho Dan #25601: Chong Su Kim- Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation 
October 2005-Certified Master Instructor (4th Dan): Chong Su Kim- Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation 

2006-Established Maryland Tang Soo Do
October 2016-Certified Sr. Master Instructor (6th Dan): Chong Su Kim- Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation 

30 -minute & Hour long sessions available

 Personal Instruction considerably helps:
Jumping Capabilities
Lower & Upper Body Strength
Staff Forms
Nunchuck Forms
  Breaking boards
  Test Preparation
  Tournament Preparation
  Special Kicking Combinations

Master Daniel Hyson